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Drum Lessons

Our instructors teach rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues and many other styles of drumming, and challenge every student with technical exercises specifically designed to improve their speed and comfort. Beginning students need only their drumsticks and a notebook, and all that’s needed for practice at home is an inexpensive drum pad. Drummers are encouraged to bring in their favorite drum parts to learn. Many of our students are band members who play in local clubs and churches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kit should I start learning on, acoustic or electric?

In the early stages of learning it doesn’t matter. Each have their own advantages and the cost is similar between electric and acoustic kits. The advantage to learning on an electric kit is that you can wear headphones to help hear yourself better and to keep the sound under control. It’s always best to talk with your teacher about the advantages of each type of set and which is best for you.

Should I bring my own drums to the lessons?

No this is not necessary. We have fully stocked lesson rooms with everything you will need with the exception of your music lesson binder. The only other thing that you will need to bring in from week to week are your drum sticks. ​

Should I bring drum sticks to my first lesson?

If you have them then bring them in; If not, then no worries as your teacher will have a set for you to use. At the first lesson the teacher will make suggestions for drum sticks based on the style of music that you want to learn, etc. Your teacher will recommend a store that you can buty a set from.

Are your teachers able to teach snare drum or other percussion instruments?

Yes our teachers are skilled at teaching multiple percussion instruments. Please call us and we can help answer any specific questions you may have.

I am a beginner student without a drum kit, what would you recommend that I purchase?

Our teachers are great resources for information on buying instruments. You can ask your teacher about purchasing drums in the lessons or contact us here at the school for more information.

Do I have to have a drum set to take lessons at your school?

No not at all. It does help to have a drum kit at home but a lot of students start learning on a rubber practice pad and a pair of sticks. We do recommend starting children at the age of five or six on keyboard/piano for a year or two as this will help build a lot of the necessary theory and rhythm skills needed.

What is the youngest age to start learning to play the drums?

Adults can start at anytime! We have students at the school that start as young as 5 years old, but we recommend starting at age 7. We do get a lot of parents that will let us know that their child bangs on pots and pans as early as 4 years old and are interested in getting their child into drum lessons at very early ages. Students and parents have found out that their is a big difference between banging on pots and pans and learning to play the drums as it involves a teacher giving certain patterns and songs to work on over and over again until they are perfected. Parents of Children that are preschool age and lower have found that their child’s ability to respond to repetitive learning of patterns is lower at the younger ages. What’s more, the attention span of young children tends to be lower for higher level pattern recognition and learning. Of course there are exceptions so please call us if you think your child is ready for drum lessons!

How much music reading do I have to know how to do to take Drum lessons?​​

You don’t have know how to read music to start lessons here at our school. If you have never read music your teacher will help you learn. Drum music notation is more rhythmic based than pitch based therefore making it a lot easier to learn!

Does your school offer opportunities to perform what they learn in the lessons?​

Yes! We have recitals twice a year and all of our teachers work with students to either perform solo or with other students at the school.

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Lessons are available six days a week, and scheduled once a week for 30 minutes.

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