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What are the qualifications of your instructors?

We have several teachers that teach at Plymouth School of Music and they all have diverse and rich backgrounds that add to their teaching styles. All our teachers meet one or more the following criteria:

• College Music Degrees
• Touring experience
• Music School teaching experience
• High level achievements in private lessons
• Excellent with beginners and advanced students
• Fun and energetic personalities
• Camp teaching experience

How do I know which teacher is the best for my child?

Give us a call! We spend time everyday answering questions and helping to match students with our dynamic teaching staff. We spent time picking only the best instructors for our school and know their teaching styles very well and what level they feel the most comfortable teaching at; beginning intermediate or advanced. We could spend a few pages bragging on our teachers and how great they are and especially how they will help you learn your instrument but why not call us and get to hear us talk about them over the phone with you? call us today :)

Do you have teachers that can teach me to sing and play an instrument at the same time?

Yes. It is typical that voice instructors teach piano as an accompaniment instrument with the voice, but our guitar teachers are also qualified to sing and play at the same time.

Will your teachers teach me how to learn music on an instrument or singing, even if I don't want to learn how to read music?

Yes. We understand that many students do not want to learn to read music in their lessons and find it very boring. All of our teachers customize their lessons to suit your needs. Most people who request to learn music without music reading had a bad experience in the past trying to learn from a teacher that just wasn't good at meeting their needs and frankly weren't able to teach any other way. You will find that our teachers will actually be teaching you music in such a fun way that you will WANT to learn note reading; you will find that all along you just needed more guidance and direction, but the choice is always up to you.

Can your teachers help me overcome my fear of performing in front of an audience?

Yes. Many of our teachers have a lot of experience with performing in front of an audience. Our teachers work with students in their lessons to help them prepare for the recitals that are held twice a year at the school. Our teachers show up at the recital to support their students, encourage them and in most cases accompany them during the performance!

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