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Are you ready to rock?

Rock band classes are the ultimate supplement to your child's musical journey!

• Electric guitar players cannot join the school band or orchestra!
• Drum set players cannot join the school wind ensemble!
• Pop singers cannot rock out with traditional chorus programs.

But at NetScore Music Academy, your child can make better grades by learning how to play with others and you can get the noise out of your house! All songs chosen will be family-friendly with appropriate lyrics. Students will work together to choose from various musical styles: Rock, Pop, and Country.

Benefits of becoming a rock band student

FOUR hours of music training each month

Weekly one hour rock band classes, plus weekly half hour private lessons

Performance opportunities

Not only will our students learn how to play together, they will perform together!  All of our bands will get on a stage and perform for their friends and family.

Dedicated coaching

Our incredible teachers are incredibly positive and motivating. They are patient and students love them! You'll learn what it takes to play WITH other instruments, how to listen to each other, and what it takes to perform, all with the encouraging mentorship of an experienced teacher!

State-of-the-art equipment

We have everything you need for Rock Band, including a sound system and microphones. We have a background in performance and sound, so we know what it takes!

Spacious rehearsal area with PA

We have a 400 square foot room for rehearsals, plus microphones and a sound system, for the best possible experience!

NO separate tuition!

Open to current students of NetScore School of Music. You must also be in private lessons to allow your teacher to help you personally with the music and so you can continue to progress, while also playing in a group. We've found this to be the BEST way to become a well-rounded musician.

To join, you'll need a recommendation from your teacher and an audition with our Rock Band instructor!

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